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I have somehow switched from gay ninja to gay samurai when it comes to fanart! Basara has gotten me drawing again but I feel like I have regressed so much that it doesn't matter anyway lol.

These are all from DA and tumblr, do I even need to warn for BL anymore? Maybe I will add a kiss warning, just to be safe?

Oh DateSana, I love you two but I do not love working with your color schemes at all.

Color problem kind of solved by ignoring half of Yukimura's outfit. Also: kemonomimi improves everything. EVERYTHING.

I really like the 'YUKI'S RIBBON IS BLUE BECAUSE OF HIS RIVAL BOYFRIEND' idea so I'm sure I will end up with about 5000000 doodles like this.

Aprons are cute. Yukimuras are cute.

New obsession = new tegaki icon

I also love triangles trio but have more trouble drawing them! Aniki please learn how tsundere works before you embarrass yourself. :(

Oops, too late.

Nouhime is queen of all BAMFs.

While I'm on the subject of art: I should also probably point out that I changed to a new DA account! I wanted one that was actually related to my nickname and myotis + ishi = myotishi = batshi
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