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Oops! I wanted to do a dump of the sad little collection of doodles I have done since my last post, but LJ scrapbook is being uncooperative and they are all on my tumblr anyway. Here is a Miette that I am kind of pleased with, at least.

I don't have much to say other than the usual... been busy with classes, trying to power through my current commissions despite hating everything I draw and always being tired from school... same old, same old!

I'm on twitter more than LJ these days because it just doesn't seem like I have anything worth making actual journal posts about. That, and tumblr is a lot easier for dumping sketches, even if I still don't really like the lack of a decent reply/comment system (and I haven't been checking my tumblr dashboard lately anyway because Uee finally talked me into reading Homestuck - I am addicted and also EXTREMELY AFRAID OF SPOILERS since catching up is taking forever when I'm trying to get work/studying done.)
I also made a plurk but so far have done nothing but forget to open it when I am online.

So, anyway, I hope everything is going well for you LJ folks! Sorry for being so inactive.

Almost forgot! Uee and I are gonna be at Fanime later this month, wandering around as usual because we were too lazy to get a AA table (again). Hopefully I'll have my Tsuruhime cosplay finished in time and actually post some photos.
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