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Shippuden 198 had an added KakaYama bit that was not in the comic and it was adorable. (Tenzou nameslip is my favorite thing ever)

It was so cute that I needed to make a LJ post just to mention it.


Oct. 7th, 2010 11:19 pm
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was a good birthday! I didn't actually do anything for it (gonna have birthday dinner tomorrow) but I got so many nice messages on DA AND BEAUTIFUL GAYNIN DRAWINGS ahhhh I want to print them all out and roll around happily in a small pile of Kakashi and Yamatos (and Sai).

I also drew myself a new wallpaper! Cross-posted to DA and y!gallery already, sorry if you've seen it more than once.

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OH YEAH, speaking of Naruto, how 'bout that new Shippuden opening?
So much NaruSasu and 'everybody loves Naruto' AND BONUS SAINARU BUTTGROPE
(If only the song was less boring)

And the ending is cute too!
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So, um, is this advertising for the new Kingdom Hearts game or what?

(I already want to go back to the island with Naruto&co. /single tear)

My family (minus my brother) is trying to catch up with Supernatural before the next season starts. We have two weeks to finish half of S4 and move onto S5. LET'S DO THIS.

I got caught up with Bleach episodes. ...sort of. By "caught up" I mean skipped around and covered 20+ episodes in a couple of hours because I wanted to see Kensei and Mashiro but... that's how I always watch the anime.


Jul. 23rd, 2010 08:29 am
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Tales of the Abyss anime was licensed by Bandai!

I hope they'll use the game's cast for the dub... One of my least favorite things about the anime was always that I had to watch it in Japanese, instead of with the English voices. orz

Maybe if this does okay, The First Strike will be licensed as well? /dreams fangirl dreams forever
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So... for me the highlight of this week's Shippuden episode was the preview because it made me remember that Yamato does, indeed, get a short appearance in this arc! Hurray!

When Lemon and I were watching the episode she pointed out that during the Hinata confession part she uses daisuki. I KNOW IT'S JUST MY NON-NARUHINA WAYS and the fact that I only know a tiny bit of Japanese, but still, that seems like kind of a weak confession to make during the middle of a battle for the other person's sake. orz

Anyway, let's do some memes!

Shipping meme!
- Day 01 - What is your current favorite ship?
I just want to say that if you've been on my flist for a while and can't guess this... I don't know, that makes me sad.

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Song meme!
- Day 01 - Your favorite song


Apr. 23rd, 2010 02:37 am
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So! How 'bout that third Shippuden movie? I really liked it! Aside from the whole, you know, no Yamato appearances at all. :(

Lemon and I gained about a million weaboo points today by getting these:

But they're so cute! The one with flowers is mine and makes me think of spring and I love it.

I'm working on my last commission of this batch and should be finished in the next day or two! So that brings me to... almost half of what I need to get some Endroll TenKaka doujins. :> (Even though it should be saved for Fanime...)
The finished ones are this and this. That second one... well, let's just say I'm not really a KakaSaku fan, haha. So it frustrates me that I really like how the drawing turned out but it isn't something I can enjoy myself. Guess that's just the way commissions go, though!

Anyway, here's some (bad photos of) drawings from class:

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Not that there is much to post about...

Bleach 401:

Naruto 492:
Hahaha it just keeps getting better and better. ~BROFISTING~.

Kekkaishi 302:
"He's leading around two girls who don't belong in this genre!?" Oh, Sen. You always crack me up. Aside from him it was a pretty boring chapter, though. :(

Aaaaand I am kind of ashamed of myself for not making any Oofuri S2-related posts! But there's not that much to say since everybody's read the comic...
Everything is funnier in the anime though, I love it. Abe's evil face in the most recent episode almost had me in tears. AND THE SQUINTING PART lol
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Kekkaishi's gonna be on Adult Swim this summer!

...I hope the dub is good.
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- Naruto
Still hate Sasuke. Still annoyed at Sakura's uselessness. Um.
Like I told Kit in IM, I want a scene with Yamato realizing Naruto snuck away a while back, haha.
Glad to see Sharky. :D
Also glad that a ton of stuff is getting ready to happen. I was worried that I'd finally be back in the fandom only to have the comic start to wrap up. (Not that it makes any difference when my favorite Naruto thing is KakaYama... orz)

- Oofuri
I hate knowing the outcome of this game because it makes each chapter a little more painful to read. :( And ahhh, Kazuki, you are breaking my heart.
BUT ON THE SUBJECT OF HAPPY THINGS I am finding myself liking Hanai/Mihashi more and more? It'll never beat Abe/Mihashi or Tajima/Hanai, but still. It's cute!

- Bleach
I... actually haven't read this week's chapter or the spoilers yet, oops. I'm gonna assume it is just more of Aizen's usual "Yeah? Well, I knew you were going to do ______ so I did ______ in advance to prepare! /end chapter"

Still watching Gintama and enjoying it SO GODDAMN MUCH (up to episode... 50? 51? Somewhere around there), and Lemon and I started watching One Piece again from the beginning, finally. Other than that all I have been doing is doodling stuff that isn't worth posting, working on requests, and breeding 9384987346368 Pokemon. And cleaning the house. My life, it is so exciting!
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• Game stuff: Made it to Act 2 in WAXF! ...and have been getting my butt kicked in 2-1, but we don't need to talk about that.

• Anime stuff: Finished re-watching the first season of Spice & Wolf the other day, now I need to finally get around to watching the last few episodes of season two. Also started watching Kekkaishi again with Lemon. (I got out one of the comics to find reference for a Madarao fanart and it somehow led to watching the anime instead of working on said fanart, funny how that works.) Still need to finish K-on! but it's gotten to the point where episode after episode of nothing but moe fanservice is getting old. I need to watch this Durarara!! (is that enough ras?) series that everybody is in love with but I've gotten so lazy about watching new shows that aren't Kimi ni Todoke...
SPEAKING OF KIMITODO the last few scanlated chapters (35-37) have been so. frustrating. Now I remember why I never read shoujo comics.

• Other stuff: I DON'T WANT TO GO TO CLASS AHHH I feel really sick but it's only until 2:20, I can make it! Come on, me!
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I can't wait for Vic Mignogna to voice someone in the dub and do his usual "BUT THEY'RE NOT GAY, THE CREATORS TOLD ME" thing, ahaha.

I loved the company's Baccano! dub, but I'm not going anywhere near this one. .-.
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AHHHH how cute was Kazehaya in this episode when he was blushing all the way to his ears?

...I'm pretty sure there was something else I wanted to post today but my brain just doesn't have enough room for whatever it was and fangirling.
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Is anybody else watching this? I just watched the (four?) episodes that are out and even though I should be going to bed soon (waking up for class at 8AM) ...I think I will just go read the comic instead.

So so so cute ahhh *_*

So much for drawing something today, aha.

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• I would like to know who designed the Lost Sanctum quests in Chrono Trigger DS so that I can go to Square-Enix HQ and punch them in the gut.

• FFIV DS is still fun! But I am on my way back to Baron castle after Cecil becomes a paladin and keep getting my butt kicked by the bosses in there. :( Is there a save point in the castle that I'm missing or do I really have to do the dungeon before it each time I get a game over?

• Bleach chapter next week is going to be awesome, I can feel it. Kekkaishi, too. /obligatory Masamori fangirling

• Nyan Koi has been entertaining! It is slowly turning into more boob jokes and fanservice than cute kitty action, though. (But it's still a fun watch!)

• The latest Junjou Egoist chapter was finally scanslated! Cuuuute. I love the egoist characters. They make me want to go back and re-read the comic but I don't know if I really want to read everything else, aha.

I think that's everything. I have a ton of sketches to draw for Wednesday and a design project due on Tuesday buuuut... I think I will procrastinate a bit more and do them tomorrow.

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I don't mind if it rains tomorrow, but please wait until after my morning class. My portfolio is probably not water proof.


In other news!
...I actually don't have any other news to post.
Lemon and I started watching Nyan koi! It's cute. I can't resist animu with cats. (But since I'm watching it with my sister it doesn't help my 'I have nothing to read/watch when everyone else is busy!' problem.)
Oh yeah and there was some (Ai/)Daisuke/Kou posted to the P4 kinkmeme which made my day when I woke up this morning. That was pretty cool.

Haven't done any drawing today. :( Will sketch some stuff before bed and post it later this week, probably.

Flist! I am in the mood for some Tales of that is not Vesperia or Abyss (gasp!). Pick something for me:
- Destiny 2 (Eternia, right?)
- Phantasia (GBA)
- replay Symphonia
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Suddenly I am more interested in this filler arc than ever.

And thanks for your comments on my last entry , guys! I'm still annoyed about it but I know I didn't do anything wrong and will talk to my teacher this afternoon. For now I have some final reviewing to do for my midterm at 10:30, though (I say at 2:45 in the morning, aha... good thing renaissance art history is cake.)!

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It was pretty much an hour and a half of IchiRuki goodness (with bonus Hanatarou! Ahhh Hana I was so happy to see you!) and I loved every minute of it. I... don't really trust myself to post about it without anything I write turning into fangirling and 'ajsghasgkag'ing but it was everything I love about the ship and I am so ready to dive headfirst into the fandom for it once again.

Shipping stuff aside, though, I'd have to say my favorite part is when Kenpachi and Yachiru are fighting and laughing their heads off. So, so amusing.

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