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I don't know if I can survive the wait for this show, I am so damn excited.

Getting really annoyed at the "Korra looks manly/is too muscular/etc" comments I have been seeing, though. :|
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Maiko and I have a weird relationship. For a long time I was pretty neutral to this couple - it was canon, I didn't dislike it, whatever. But suddenly I like it a lot? When and how did this happen?!
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I love how in the midst of all the "OMG YESSSS" and celebrating, there are Zutara shippers bitching. OF COURSE.

But anyway, I already think I am already developing a huge girlcrush on Korra.

"Korra is tutored by Aang’s son, Tenzin..."
I totally read that as Tenzou lolll
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and a couple tegaki WIPs that I think will be finished in SAI instead. Some of these are on DA already.

There's even a few things that aren't Naruto fanart! )
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But this time there's drawings!
There is also a P4 true ending spoiler (kind of) at the end, so be careful.

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I also finished Kakashi and Madara (the other one) and Germany&Italy&flowers (finally) but they get DA links because I am lazy.
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I can't afford to spend 25 bucks on a stuffed toy but this little guy is SO CUTE and comes with an ingame version, bawww.

[ profile] lolishipper gave me Vocaloid, Digimon and Avatar so here's that three fandoms character meme again:

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It... kind of pisses me off that now that the trailer for The Last Airbender has been released and people are going "Oohhhh, pretty effects, I'm going to go see it for those!" and just ignoring all of the other issues with the film.

I just don't see any of the original spirit of ATLA in it at all and yes, I'm a little bit butthurt that people are going to support it.


Oh, unrelated: Thanks for your replies on my last entry, guys! I'm working on the original characters section of S9 so knowing what kinds of tidbits people like to read about them will be helpful.


Jan. 11th, 2010 11:48 pm
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I may have been feeling too sick to draw anything new, but I did scan some stuff from the past few weeks!

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Junk post

Nov. 28th, 2009 09:28 pm
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There is nothing of quality in this entry orz

Team Avatar from memory (with help from little sister the Avatard)
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are stupid crap (no really, don't look at them).

Also, I'm going to try not being friends only for a while, at least for art posts. My family members know enough about my fangirly habits that locking everything is kind of pointless these days.

Akemi! I like drawing her because she reminds me of my bunny, only... not mean and scary.

Two three-minute doodles )

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