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So, um, is this advertising for the new Kingdom Hearts game or what?

(I already want to go back to the island with Naruto&co. /single tear)

My family (minus my brother) is trying to catch up with Supernatural before the next season starts. We have two weeks to finish half of S4 and move onto S5. LET'S DO THIS.

I got caught up with Bleach episodes. ...sort of. By "caught up" I mean skipped around and covered 20+ episodes in a couple of hours because I wanted to see Kensei and Mashiro but... that's how I always watch the anime.
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and a couple tegaki WIPs that I think will be finished in SAI instead. Some of these are on DA already.

There's even a few things that aren't Naruto fanart! )
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Not that there is much to post about...

Bleach 401:

Naruto 492:
Hahaha it just keeps getting better and better. ~BROFISTING~.

Kekkaishi 302:
"He's leading around two girls who don't belong in this genre!?" Oh, Sen. You always crack me up. Aside from him it was a pretty boring chapter, though. :(

Aaaaand I am kind of ashamed of myself for not making any Oofuri S2-related posts! But there's not that much to say since everybody's read the comic...
Everything is funnier in the anime though, I love it. Abe's evil face in the most recent episode almost had me in tears. AND THE SQUINTING PART lol
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Don't mind me, just distracting myself from the psych exam that is about to happen in 35 minutes.

Gonna work on commissions when I get home from class so an actual art dump probably won't happen until tomorrow or Wednesday.
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After looking at the rest of the pages... it's another chapter of Aizen talk talk talking with one (okay, technically two) page of awesome. Sigh.
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And then I spent about an hour trying to distract myself by drawing Kakashi/Yamato smut but lol, Yamato's face makes it impossible to do without cracking up.

I might not be able to scan anything for a while, so i guess there will just be more SAI doodles in the future. For now... it's class time! Which I wish I could be excited about because I love figure drawing but we keep getting lecture days with only about an hour of actual drawing.

Edit: FUCK, speaking of class I forgot my mom had a doctor's appointment this morning and now it's too late to take the bus to school.
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And why are these always posted right before I have to leave for school?
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[ profile] deecherrywolf gave me Hetalia, Reborn!, and Bleach!

Comment in this entry and I'll give you three fandoms to answer these questions with.

Read more... )


Feb. 11th, 2010 11:49 pm
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I shouldn't be surprised by anything in Bleach fandom anymore, but uh... using the most recent chapter as shipping fodder for Hitsugaya/Hinamori? Really?

Man, I have a million drawings started for people and keep remembering more that need to be done... Why so many February birthdays, ahhhhh
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So lately I've been trying to paint (sort of) in SAI. I'm still too afraid to try exciting colors or anything... but I've been relying on layers less!

+ one FFXII:RW )
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I wanted to type something up to represent my current RAAAAGE levels but I can't think of anything angry enough. It was obvious that something like this would happen but... euuurrhghgjhfghiughhgfuihffffffff

At least the color spread was cute, I guess.

As for Naruto, uh... well I'm not as mad about it because I like Momo more than Sakura and because I think it's pretty obvious that Sakura is lying, but still...
And lol, nice job babysitting there, Yamato.


Feb. 10th, 2010 01:10 am
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I don't even want to talk about Naruto and Bleach spoilers. >:| Next time I wear my Momo costume I think I will add some cuts and bruises and horrible stab wounds so that it will be more accurate /sob

You and everybody else, Yoshi. :'( Those poor dogs.
That creature on the last page of chapter 292 looks pretty neat, I think I want to pet it and comb its hair and maybe put some bows on him/her/it.
But you know what needs to happen soon? MORE MASAMORI IS WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

I feel like re-reading the whole series again...
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Cut to be safe )

Well, I thought about catching up with the last few chapters when this week's comes out but I don't know if it'll be worth it once next week rolls around and everybody finds out it was just the usual trolling again.

(At least Kekkaishi has been interesting/good lately! Baaawwww Yoshimori and Tokine, why are you guys so cute?)

IN OTHER NEWS I got my new warlock to level 22 in WoW in a day and a half, ahaha... The exp bonus from heirloom shoulders+chest is pretty sweet.
Then I did the quest to get my succubus and her name is Bronriana. All I can see is Bro. My transvestite succubus. .-.


Oct. 29th, 2009 01:02 pm
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YEESSSSSS Now this is the comic that I enjoy. Oh, funny Ichigo faces, how I've missed you.

Bleach 377

Oct. 8th, 2009 10:27 pm
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Holy shit.

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Suddenly I am more interested in this filler arc than ever.

And thanks for your comments on my last entry , guys! I'm still annoyed about it but I know I didn't do anything wrong and will talk to my teacher this afternoon. For now I have some final reviewing to do for my midterm at 10:30, though (I say at 2:45 in the morning, aha... good thing renaissance art history is cake.)!

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Ughhh guess I'd better get to work on my color theory homework soon. (But I want to draw more! I'm in a drawing mood! /sob)

Who the hell thought up Takoluka, anyway? Oh right, Japan...

and I finished Mashiro and Kensei! )

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It was pretty much an hour and a half of IchiRuki goodness (with bonus Hanatarou! Ahhh Hana I was so happy to see you!) and I loved every minute of it. I... don't really trust myself to post about it without anything I write turning into fangirling and 'ajsghasgkag'ing but it was everything I love about the ship and I am so ready to dive headfirst into the fandom for it once again.

Shipping stuff aside, though, I'd have to say my favorite part is when Kenpachi and Yachiru are fighting and laughing their heads off. So, so amusing.


Oct. 2nd, 2009 09:26 am
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Kekkaishi 276/277 and Bleach 376 spoilers. )

This chapter made me realize how much I want to use [ profile] mashirooo but also how lonely it would be without a Kensei to pester. Maybe it is time for some dear_mun posting.

I also just read what's been released of Ano Hi no Kimi wo Dakishimeta nara and Suteneko no Karute. The second one is cute, although pretty cliche... but I love BL with cats! 
Oh, I also read the first chapter and one of the oneshots from Maou no Amai Keiyaku (which isn't on Mangafox, it looks like) recently, mostly because I really like the art.
I feel bad but lately when I read BL all I can think is "I wish Kyuugou and Yoneda Kou would draw more stuff/faster". Especially Kyuugou, man... I need my BAAWWW-worthy BL with bonus gakuran-wearing boys and baseball and and... time to read Bokurani Matsuwaru, etc. again, I guess.

And lastly: I feel like I'm getting sick, joy. :( Probably going to miss history class again.

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