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Crappy photos of rabbits yeahhhhhh!!!
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This is what I do when I miss class:

My cats!

Pumpkin, Rascal, Nano, Clint
They are... amazingly close to the real thing.

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Since he is The Cat With No Name, we're going to call him Clint. He's staying in my room for a few days until he and the other cats seem ready to meet each other. It's nice to have a kitty to snuggle with at night and sit with me at the computer, but it is not so nice to only get a few hours of sleep due to excessive meowing.

Sooo... yeah, I'm tired. Gonna browse Pixiv for a little bit and then go to bed early. I'll catch up to you LJ folks after class tomorrow.

Oh, actually, make that 'after my eye exam tomorrow'. I've been having some trouble seeing the boards and still life setups in class so I figured it was about time to get one.

Garage cat

Oct. 19th, 2009 01:06 pm
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Taking him to the vet tomorrow morning.
We're still arguing about names. I want to call him Firo. :>

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On our way home from Borders we ran into that orange and white kitty again. We still aren't 100% sure he's a stray, but he's scruffier and dirtier than ever and looks like he might have a bad tooth, so we put him in the cat carrier and now he's chillin' in that in the garage until we can get him to the vet.

In other kitty news:
I spent several hours last night with three tiny kittens (well, four weeks old, so maybe not tiny tiny) in my lap! They were found at a family friend's house and she's taking care of them until they get bigger/can find homes. I really want to take one of the little orange boys,  but now we've found this other kitty and we already have three at home... so yet another one would probably be out of the question. :(

In not kitty news:
Almost bought Kekkaishi volume 17 today despite only actually owning volume one, since it's so rare for Borders to have any of the books. (Well, and maybe the fact that it is full of Masamori action had a little to do with it.) Ended up getting Yotsuba& volume three instead, though.

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