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People have been whining about the recent chapter's focus on a samurai character in their comic about ninjas (who never really act like ninjas anyway lol) and all I have to say is

Also, I got an A on my history paper and finished my last midterm so maybe I can draw again! And actually be productive! I will probably just play more SB3 and continue rewatching Gintama episodes, but oh well.

naruto 521

Dec. 16th, 2010 12:11 am
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This is the sound of ishi's heart breaking into a million pieces.
But also celebrating because HUSBANDO!!!!!!!!!!!! In more than one panel!

Tomorrow we're going out to cut down a Christmas tree! And then hopefully I'll be able to finish one or more challenge drawings. I feel a bit bad that I am drawing these before working on present drawings, but... I also feel like it is my duty to pump out all 12 KakaYama drawings for this thing and make them as nice quality as possible. If I am going to get shit for being well known for this pairing then I am also going to try my goddamned hardest to make it worthwhile, haha.

naruto 515

Nov. 2nd, 2010 03:36 pm
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I'm still being my usual paranoid self about (spoiler character) but this made me feel about a million times better, I've got to say.
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Cut for spoilers!

Read more... )

Since I suddenly feel the need to try breaking through this art block again, I'm gonna be livestreaming for a little while! Probably some Naruto stuff.
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So, um, is this advertising for the new Kingdom Hearts game or what?

(I already want to go back to the island with Naruto&co. /single tear)

My family (minus my brother) is trying to catch up with Supernatural before the next season starts. We have two weeks to finish half of S4 and move onto S5. LET'S DO THIS.

I got caught up with Bleach episodes. ...sort of. By "caught up" I mean skipped around and covered 20+ episodes in a couple of hours because I wanted to see Kensei and Mashiro but... that's how I always watch the anime.

Naruto 504

Jul. 29th, 2010 01:22 pm
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I think I cried even more than I ever did during the Zabuza arc. THANKS, KISHIMOTO :|
But Kushina was right, Naruto. Find a girl like your mother ohoho
I have this sinking feeling that people are going to start actually disliking Minato after these chapters... but I really hope not.

On the bright side... maybe next week Yamato will start getting his one panel per week allowance again.
Oh wait, that just depresses me even more.

I want to livestream and draw some Uzumaki family, but we're going to the state fair in a few hours and tomorrow there's D&D... it might have to wait until this weekend.
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A-ahh, I'm so excited. Finally I can own a copy of my favorite BL comic. ;A;
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Naruto chapter 500:


I don't even want to write about it, next week is going to be horribly depressing.

If anybody needs me I will be off in my own little world where Uzumaki family is happy and together (and all alive) and Kushina beats up her husband and son daily just for laughs.

Naruto 498

Jun. 9th, 2010 05:40 pm
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I have so many other things that need to be done today/this week but instead I just want to drop everything and draw MinaKushi.

Naruto 497

Jun. 2nd, 2010 06:31 pm
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Auhrugihfjgdjgfjdfdfihafgshdk what is going onnnnnnnn

(lol I keep putting off making a fanime post, oops. Maybe after dinner along with some doodles?)

Naruto 496

May. 26th, 2010 09:28 pm
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I'm not even going to bother with Bleach for a month or so, somebody tell me if anything important happens.

Naruto 495

May. 19th, 2010 07:40 pm
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So where are the Persona 4 crossovers now that he's faced his shadow, internet?!

lol Yamato
. You just jinxed it, man.
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Not that there is much to post about...

Bleach 401:

Naruto 492:
Hahaha it just keeps getting better and better. ~BROFISTING~.

Kekkaishi 302:
"He's leading around two girls who don't belong in this genre!?" Oh, Sen. You always crack me up. Aside from him it was a pretty boring chapter, though. :(

Aaaaand I am kind of ashamed of myself for not making any Oofuri S2-related posts! But there's not that much to say since everybody's read the comic...
Everything is funnier in the anime though, I love it. Abe's evil face in the most recent episode almost had me in tears. AND THE SQUINTING PART lol
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Masamori... you are getting in way over your head. :(

The Yukimura kitty is cuuuute.

Madarao's fanboying in chapter... 297? was hilarious. I really missed the dogs (well, I still miss Hakubi).
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- Naruto
Still hate Sasuke. Still annoyed at Sakura's uselessness. Um.
Like I told Kit in IM, I want a scene with Yamato realizing Naruto snuck away a while back, haha.
Glad to see Sharky. :D
Also glad that a ton of stuff is getting ready to happen. I was worried that I'd finally be back in the fandom only to have the comic start to wrap up. (Not that it makes any difference when my favorite Naruto thing is KakaYama... orz)

- Oofuri
I hate knowing the outcome of this game because it makes each chapter a little more painful to read. :( And ahhh, Kazuki, you are breaking my heart.
BUT ON THE SUBJECT OF HAPPY THINGS I am finding myself liking Hanai/Mihashi more and more? It'll never beat Abe/Mihashi or Tajima/Hanai, but still. It's cute!

- Bleach
I... actually haven't read this week's chapter or the spoilers yet, oops. I'm gonna assume it is just more of Aizen's usual "Yeah? Well, I knew you were going to do ______ so I did ______ in advance to prepare! /end chapter"

Still watching Gintama and enjoying it SO GODDAMN MUCH (up to episode... 50? 51? Somewhere around there), and Lemon and I started watching One Piece again from the beginning, finally. Other than that all I have been doing is doodling stuff that isn't worth posting, working on requests, and breeding 9384987346368 Pokemon. And cleaning the house. My life, it is so exciting!
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Naruto you are breaking my heart. :'(

As usual, my hatred for Sasuke knows no bounds. PUNCH HIM AGAIN, PUNCH HIM AGAIN

Speaking of Naruto, I slept through my class today because I was up too late looking for Kakashi/Yamato fanfics and forgot to set my alarm clock lol
Time to think up an excuse to tell the professor.
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• Game stuff: Made it to Act 2 in WAXF! ...and have been getting my butt kicked in 2-1, but we don't need to talk about that.

• Anime stuff: Finished re-watching the first season of Spice & Wolf the other day, now I need to finally get around to watching the last few episodes of season two. Also started watching Kekkaishi again with Lemon. (I got out one of the comics to find reference for a Madarao fanart and it somehow led to watching the anime instead of working on said fanart, funny how that works.) Still need to finish K-on! but it's gotten to the point where episode after episode of nothing but moe fanservice is getting old. I need to watch this Durarara!! (is that enough ras?) series that everybody is in love with but I've gotten so lazy about watching new shows that aren't Kimi ni Todoke...
SPEAKING OF KIMITODO the last few scanlated chapters (35-37) have been so. frustrating. Now I remember why I never read shoujo comics.

• Other stuff: I DON'T WANT TO GO TO CLASS AHHH I feel really sick but it's only until 2:20, I can make it! Come on, me!
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I wanted to type something up to represent my current RAAAAGE levels but I can't think of anything angry enough. It was obvious that something like this would happen but... euuurrhghgjhfghiughhgfuihffffffff

At least the color spread was cute, I guess.

As for Naruto, uh... well I'm not as mad about it because I like Momo more than Sakura and because I think it's pretty obvious that Sakura is lying, but still...
And lol, nice job babysitting there, Yamato.


Feb. 10th, 2010 01:10 am
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I don't even want to talk about Naruto and Bleach spoilers. >:| Next time I wear my Momo costume I think I will add some cuts and bruises and horrible stab wounds so that it will be more accurate /sob

You and everybody else, Yoshi. :'( Those poor dogs.
That creature on the last page of chapter 292 looks pretty neat, I think I want to pet it and comb its hair and maybe put some bows on him/her/it.
But you know what needs to happen soon? MORE MASAMORI IS WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

I feel like re-reading the whole series again...

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