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Best set of DA icons ever

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I drew new pictures for my DA page now that I'm subscribed again and can plaster pointless stuff and stamps everywhere. (No seriously, I have three Yamato stamps on my page just because I couldn't decide between them. I hope no one visits it on a crappy connection...)

+ some doodles )

Oh, also

Jul. 2nd, 2010 07:39 pm
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I went ahead and started that Naruto group on DA.

I just hope people don't see the name and go, "AW MAN, ELITE? THOSE GUYS MUST BE JERKS." Because I am only a jerk sometimes.

...I feel like a huge tool, using my own art for the icon, but it didn't seem right to make a group for fanart only and then use official art for the icon.
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The new layout makes me feel lost and cramped. I was on it for all of five minutes before I got a headache (although that might be from the loud bus ride home... thanks, high school kids!).

But anyway, screw DA and screw whining because I AM FREE FROM CLASSES AND CAN DRAW AGAIN, YAY.

Oh and this came in the mail yesterday:

300 pages of gay ninja adventures! /fans self
Highlights include a page of... creative uses for mokuton and a cake shaped like the hokage mountain.
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But whatever, I just want to say that I am so stoked for this.

Speaking of DA, why did I never think to check the stock images for homework assignments before? Filling up sketchbook pages would have been so much easier.


Dec. 8th, 2009 02:26 pm
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If you guys haven't heard, DA finally made a real club system. Sooo I decided to make a Persona group, since I'm not aware of any active clubs for the series (Looking back, maybe I should have applied for a general Megaten one but Persona is more my style). Now I just need other people to join so that there is content other than my Kou and Daisuke crap, aha.

Speaking of clubs! I am getting a million deviations and messages thanks to these two Hetalia groups I joined, holy crap.
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Both of my siblings are gone, the PS2 TV is in use, and the gaming computer's mouse is broken! So I've just been doodling and wasting time online all day.

Ryohei and two originals )

On the topic of art: 
• My DA kiriban (30,000) is almost here! It would be cool if a LJ person got it and saved me from potentially having to draw some crazy DA stuff.
• Look at this icon that [ profile] hitosyura drew! I can't get over how cute it is and I got a bonus little Kou, ahhhh happy happy

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• I wish Y!gallery had sub-filters, or at least branched the 'disturbing content' filter out a bit. Just because I am okay with seeing guro does not mean I am okay with seeing pregnant Vegeta fanart. :(

• Played around with my DA page to get my dekstop screencap widget (what is a widget DA you are so weird) back and my featured deviation one went away, nooooo! I want Souji & bros to be on the top of my page, not my most recently uploaded junk /sob.

• Went home sick and ended up missing my teacher's office hour, so I have to find another time to talk about that paper. Anime club was canceled today, though, so at least I'm not missing that. (Yes, I am most likely joining my college's anime club. Until they realize that 90% of the anime/manga I follow is BL and they kick me out ohoho.)

• You guys are all awesome for the sparkly birthday wishes! My family is going to get a cake for the D20 game on Friday so it's been a pretty chill day so far. (Does this mean I can just pretend to still be 22? Maybe I will start going backwards every year!) I think I will celebrate by finally cleaning the bathroom and later drawing some more stupid Kou/Daisuke stuff, it will be very exciting.

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