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I don't really want to dress up since I'm not doing anything special, but I will be a geek and wear my sister's Konoha forehead protector in public today ohohoho

Re-using the top image from my requests journal because I can't look at it on DA anymore. :'(

More halloween requests from DA! I might LS a couple more in a few hours (I still want to draw dirty!Halloween KakaYama but haven't gotten around to it yet).
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Was originally going to do lines and color it but... I got lazy and decided to scrap it and go back to gaynin doodles. Maybe someday I will do a finished drawing of Balthier and Fran! They are my favorite FF duo and yet I've never drawn Balthier until today...

But for now I think I should go to sleep.

Oh god

Mar. 28th, 2010 01:34 am
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I'm sitting here with SAI open and I finally realized...

I am only able to draw Naruto fanart these days /sob

Warning for some BL stuff at the bottom.

iScribble doodles from the past couple days )
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The weather report even says we might get 1-2 inches THIS IS SO EXCITING. /Such a Californian. If this screws up the buses I might have an excuse to stay home ohohoho (but then I have to stop by the teacher's office on Tuesday or send her an email to get the final study guide hmmm).

Oh well, I'm too tired to do any new drawings so here's some stuff that just hasn't been posted to my journal before:

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and one Tajima that has been posted everywhere but here (because I forgot).
FF:Revenant Wings spoilers

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