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but can't seem to find the post. :T

Can anybody recommend a shopping service for ordering doujinshi from online shops (toranoana, if it makes any difference)? I... I really need kyuugou's new ChikaIe book.


Jan. 9th, 2011 03:27 am
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What do you guys think would be fair prices for sketch and chibi/SD commissions?
I was thinking 5 bucks per character for sketches but have no idea for chibis... since my SD style is more cartoony than tiny&fat like most they still take a bit of work, haha.
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[Poll #1653750]

The main thing keeping me from separating art from everything else is that, um, if I take away my drawings there is not a lot left on this journal, haha.
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Does anybody know much about trimming/styling wigs for cosplay?

To make sure I get my Belgium wig in time for Fanime I really need to order it sometime in the next few days (I'm gonna buy one from Amphigory, probably) but I'm not sure if it would be better to get:

A. A short one without the right waves
B. A longer one with curls that might not be perfect and trim it
C. A longer, straight one that I will trim AND curl myself.

lol I am so clueless about this, maybe I should have gone with my original fem!Romano plans...
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And by game I mean... not actually a game at all.

Give me outfit ideas! Uniforms, costumes, period clothing, whatever. (Ex. Lemon said 'baseball', so now there is maybe possibly a Konoha baseball team drawing in the works.)
Stupid/silly ones are fine too but might not be used until one of those days where insomnia shows up at 3AM and I am incapable of drawing anything that isn't silly.

I had to go to the dentist on the first day of my spring break and was reminded that I need a filling. Joy.

ALSO HEY, Oofuri season two starts in a few days! I didn't get my countdown drawings done but will try to draw something tonight or tomorrow.
And Hetalia S3 shows promise if only because Romano (in his pink shirt, again) was in the first episode.


Mar. 14th, 2010 11:17 pm
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My brother and I won't be able to get SoulSilver and HeartGold until Friday (/cries forever), so I'm breeding for specific natures/genders for our teams until then. I've got leftovers of these, so they're up for grabs if any of you guys want them for HG/SS too. I'll probably have them all done in a couple days.

Whatever the heck that fish that turns into Milotic is
+ maybe a few others, I'll edit this list later.

And unrelated to Pokemon, but having my own Paypal accout set up is awesome. Over the past few days I have successfully spent all of my money on useless anime merchandise, haha.
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Does anybody have a high-res copy of this image? I should be able to download it from MiniTokyo but their server hates me and stops loading at about 80%. I just want to make a new wallpaper for my computer...
I'll doodle something for whoever can get me a nice quality version of it? D:

Okay weird, it loaded on my parents' messed up computer of all things.

While we're on the subject let me tell you my thoughts on this week's Naruto chapter:
...Okay nevermind, I was going to do this in the form of an Aqua Teen Hunger Force clip but I can't find one of Shake's "You are the gayest monster since gay came to gay town" quote.
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Does anybody have a reference picture of WA5 spoiler, maybe )

Actually... I don't have pictures of anybody from Volsung's posse but Fereydoon haha, so any of them would be helpful.


Feb. 6th, 2010 10:46 pm
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Is there a way to rip MP3s from Youtube videos? I want to be able to listen to Kaito singing Just be friends without having firefox open. D:


Jan. 12th, 2010 09:08 pm
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Has anybody ordered from before? It's the only store where I'm finding the WA5 artbook available but I am not very up to date on good/bad online shops for artbooks and similar stuff.

Also what is this Persona Club P4 book? The cover is cute. Maybe I should go ask the main comm...
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Hello new people from the few friending memes I've done over the past few days! You get a pointless fangirly entry along with your welcome, hurray!

HIMARUYA DREW PIRATE SPAIN ASKJDHKAJSGDUGAUG /fans self Oh, and England's there too. I guess that's cool.

Also! I drew my water dragon guy, here's a DA link since it's a big image.
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Since it turns out I'm too broke to be printing cards of decent quality, I'm going to be sending out custom cards instead of printed ones with sketches inside. This... might be more fun anyway? They'll probably end up being a little bit late but this is better than waiting until the next time I can afford to print anything (which would be Christmas eve, haha). So if you left a comment in this post asking for a card, let me know if you want a specific fandom or character/ship/etc.! Otherwise anything in your interests/art will be fair game, depending on what I want to draw. :>
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Hello friending meme folks! Welcome to my boring journal. :D I'm in one of my Hetalia moods lately so, uh, I hope you don't mind that. (I also hope you don't mind the fact that I'm shy and it takes a little while to get my nerves up enough to comment on other people's journals.)

Day 02 -- Your favorite movie
The Little Mermaid is my favorite movie of all time, but there are also special places in my heart for Little Shop of Horrors and Shaun of the Dead.

...and I just realized that to do my design homework I have to print out a picture that my printer does not have enough ink for, crap.


Nov. 16th, 2009 08:14 pm
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I'm starting a series of drawings of Final Fantasy summoners (okay, and some not summoners) with summons, but I'm not sure which ones to draw with some of the characters. Anybody want to help me decide?

Rydia - Leviathan (this one's done, I'll scan it tonight if I can get on the parents' computer)
Eiko - Carbuncle probably, because I don't want to draw Madeen.
Garnet - Ramuh? He was the most important storyline-wise, I think...
Yuna - Valefor? Ixion's my favorite, but he also looks really hard to draw, aha.
FFXI/Haven't decided on a character yet - Garuda or Fenrir, just because they're my favorites.

For the other games I've played I'm just picking my favorite mage characters or uh... just characters I like, so:
Arc - No clue... I don't even remember all of the summons in FFIII:DS.
Aeris - Phoenix? Choco/Mog?
FFVIII... I have no idea lol, I don't really want to draw Rinoa. Maybe Selphie and brothers would be cute.
Penelo or Ashe for XII, but again no clue what summon.

V/VI/etc. won't get drawings until I finally get around to playing them, though.

My brother's voted for Cid or Cait Sith for VII and Zell or Squall for VIII, so I might do them... the list kind of needs some more guys, anyway.

Edit again:
This is the list so far (Man, if this post gets much longer maybe I could cut it.)
III - Arc - Chocobo
IV - Rydia - Leviathan
VII - Aeris - Alexander
VIII - Squall - Diabolos
IX - Garnet - Ramuh
IX - Eiko - Carbuncle/Fenrir
(IX gets more than any other game because it is my baby.)
X - Yuna (and/or Braska?) - Valefor (or Ifrit/Shiva with Braska?)
XI - Tenzen - Phoenix
XII - Ashe - Belius
Tactics - Generic summoner(?) - Moogle
TA2 - Viera summoner - Kirin Luso and IDK
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because everybody is too cool to hang out with me and I will be stuck at home, handing out candy. (But I think I will wear my Taiwan costume for fun anyway!)


Should I read Eyeshield 21 or Prince of Tennis?

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Is anybody else looking into this game? I'm still unsure if/who I want to try apping, but I thought I'd ask the flist.
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If you join the soccer team and then do Ai's social link does she still have a crush on Kou, or is it Daisuke instead?
All of the walkthroughs on youtube join the basketball team and I don't want to start a third replay already just to see this one thing...

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