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Best set of DA icons ever

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So I was going through my icons to decide which ones I want to keep when my subscription runs out and I realized... 15 slots isn't even enough for all of my KakaYama icons! /sob HOW WILL I EVER NARROW THEM DOWN?

In other news! I am doing Halloween requests over at DA and thought I'd let you guys get in on them. (Although... since we all know how bad I am at getting requests done maybe "suggestions" would be a better word to use.)

On the subject of drawing: I have spent this whole weekend taking a break from it in an effort to keep myself from getting completely burnt out. I guess this plan must be working, because I am already itching to pick up my tablet pen again.

There is a midnight release of Ninja Storm 2 at Gamestop. A-am I a big enough Naruto geek to pick it up then..? Probably, but I don't know if I will have a ride. :'(
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because I was too busy making myself this new DeviantID ahahaha...ha /loser

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 ...but is instead THE YAMATO&LITTLE!KAKASHI MOVIE ahsghjfadhfsd

Spoilers, cam quality, etc
Read more... )
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 I have to buy a copy of Project Diva 2

First catboy and now GLASSES AND SWEATERVEST dammit sega, I can't resist these things
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My mom found a recipe for watermelon lemonade and made MELONADE.

Unfortunately we don't have 147 marshmallows. :( But the melonade is good!
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(Slightly bigger version is on DA)

Will get around to comments and stuff tomorrow... I started working on another KakaYama drawing on LS even though I should have gone to bed hours ago and I am TIRED.

Okay guys

Apr. 14th, 2010 01:21 am
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Everybody make a Pokemon trainer!

I am boring and my trainer is basically... me.
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I think this will be my new ID over at DA. When I got Pearl it was also a me+Smiley ID, so it seems appropriate.
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I just watched rank 9 of Akihiko's like five times, feel free to laugh at my expense but I AM SO RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY. July has never seemed so far away.

Today while finishing up my recent P4 replay my brother happened to come in and watch me do the last few visits before the good ending. His reaction to Kou and Daisuke was "Gay." I chuckled.
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Also I just bought Dissidia today and have played... five hours (woah what happened to the time) BUT WHO CARES, LUNAR TIME

Woahhh the opening is the same but with different lyrics. How am I supposed to sing along now :(

THE START MENU MUSIC I-I am so excited I think my eyes are going to start watering

ALEX SOUNDS THE SAME or almost the same I can't tell for sure


haha this is so weird because I want to recite along with the game but they're all saying slightly different lines (I think Ramus has a different VA but who cares about Ramus)

LUNA'S SINGING SOUNDS THE SAME, this is a good sign. Also wow, this game is beautiful (but that might just be because I'm so used to the dated graphics of the other versions)
Nooo actually she sounds different when she talks, I think it's a different VA. :(

Aw, Quark sounds different too.

Last edit:
So aside from being a little disoriented by the script and voices I am really pleased by what the demo's shown! Quark's "but they're made from my sh--" lines are still there and I still take a million years to find my way through the white dragon cave, so I can only assume that playing the full game will be awesome.
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Wild ARMs (any)/Pokemon crossover


It has already been decided that Dean has Arcanine, Cacnea, and Bidoof. Kresnik needs... something ridiculously cute that doesn't fit his image at all.
Tim can have an Eevee named Pooka. :]

Sort of related: HEART GOLD AND SOUL SILVER IN MARCH I am so excited.

Actually any other fandom/Pokemon crossover discussion is good too. Persona/Pokemon? Tales/Pokemon? HETALIA/POKEMON? OOFURI/POKEMON(this is my favorite)?


Dec. 13th, 2009 03:58 pm
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Or, "How to spot a geek in public".

They look much better without flash (and I am not very good at photographing my own hands, either). I don't know why Iceland flag looks so centered in the picture. :(

The things I do to avoid homework!
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On man vs. food there was a sandwich called The Fat Romano. Teehee. Lemon and I laughed for a while and my brother probably thought we had both gone crazy. Too bad there weren't any tomatoes on it.

ALSO (unrelated). My art history final is going to be multiple choice, I am so happy. This means maybe an hour of studying, tops. (Which is good since I have to do a series of six paintings this weekend for color theory... orz) Sadly it also means I don't get to write a comparison/contrast of any sort, which I actually find fun... but oh well. :(

OH, also (again), did I ever post about reading The Dresden Files? I've been addicted to these books for the past month or two (Bob is my favorite character). Now I'm down to one and a half books until I'm caught up and it is making me really sad. Can anybody recommend other good* contemporary fantasy books? Maybe ones with werewolves?

*by good I mean entertainingly trashy
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and my inability to fall asleep before 5AM these past few days, but then I saw this posted at the ItsuKyon community and


nevermind I don't think I can type anything coherent right now /flails

pointless edit:
I'm thinking about getting a rename token sometime after/around Christmas but I can't think of anything cool-sounding! I thought about getting something that still has ishi somewhere but LJ's 'these names have recently been purged!' list is not coming up with anything not-silly (or... digimon related lol which is... is that ironic? I'm too tired to thinnk about it.).
...except fishi, fishi is kind of a cool username.
Dammit why have [info]ichijo and [info]nagase been inactive for a million years, I want them. >:(


Dec. 8th, 2009 02:26 pm
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If you guys haven't heard, DA finally made a real club system. Sooo I decided to make a Persona group, since I'm not aware of any active clubs for the series (Looking back, maybe I should have applied for a general Megaten one but Persona is more my style). Now I just need other people to join so that there is content other than my Kou and Daisuke crap, aha.

Speaking of clubs! I am getting a million deviations and messages thanks to these two Hetalia groups I joined, holy crap.
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I think over the past year I have drawn more birthday pictures for fictional characters than for real people...

A survey!

Nov. 11th, 2009 06:47 pm
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(Because I am avoiding homework and Glee isn't on for over two hours.)

List your top three favorite Pokemon and/or top three favorite Digimon.

1. Gengar
2. Shaymin
3. Houndoom
(and Weavile and Gardevoir and Jirachi aaaaahhh I can't choose)


1. Lillymon
2. Terriermon
3. Guilmon

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We spent tonight watching the second Shippuuden movie so I haven't had time to draw much other than this:

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