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(i'll do a bigger art dump later)

one spamano and one kakayama because apparently tonight was "draw some ships that are still favorites but have been horribly ignored" night
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part of me wants to go back to drawing kakayama regularly (and by regularly i mean when i don't feel like drawing homestuck fanart) but the other part really doesn't want to risk having to deal with naruto fandom again... what do i dooooo
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Shippuden 198 had an added KakaYama bit that was not in the comic and it was adorable. (Tenzou nameslip is my favorite thing ever)

It was so cute that I needed to make a LJ post just to mention it.
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Not drawn, that's what. It has been driving me slowly insane and putting me in very bad moods (if I say anything mean or seem like I'm ignoring you I'M SORRY, I don't mean it, feel free to punch me through the internet).
I have been watching Gintama and finally started watching Sengoku Basara though, so at least there's that?

Here's some crappy chibi OCs and a crappy KakaYama tegaki!
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Bigger version on DA

It's not 2011 here yet, but I'm gonna go play some more MTG with my siblings and watch Inception so I thought I'd post this first.

Here's to a great year for everybody!
2010 was not terribly exciting for me, but I feel like my art improved a lot, at least. Let's see if I can manage to put together some comics on top of my KakaYama art in 2011! ...and I guess I should try to draw some originals more often, too.
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Ever since finishing that christmas challenge I have been pretty lazy, art-wise. (Except for last night when I did a ton of requests on iscribble.) I have things that I want to draw, and things that I need to draw (and some of them even overlap!)... I've just been giving myself a short break so that I don't burn out.
I opened commissions on DA again, but raised the prices so I am not feeling super hopeful about them lol

2010 fandom meme!
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I finished!!!!!!!!!

Now I can get back to drawing, um...

...probably more KakaYama, actually. (Naw, maybe I'll take a break and draw some Avatar stuff instead.)

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10 is a comic sequel to 9, but mostly stars Asuma and Kurenai. (It's still KakaYama, though)

9 is DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY NOT WORKSAFE. Warning for creative usage of mokuton and tacky christmas bondage lol

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Both are worksafe this time, amazing!

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of the 12 days of christmas challenge. And a bonus doodle that is not KakaYama-related.

Possibly NWS for a tiny bit of buttcrack and an overdone joke.

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Dec. 17th, 2010 03:28 am
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Terrible. Just terrible.

Here are christmas challenge days three and four! I've made it a third of the way through, hurray! (And day five is almost done, too.)

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naruto 521

Dec. 16th, 2010 12:11 am
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This is the sound of ishi's heart breaking into a million pieces.
But also celebrating because HUSBANDO!!!!!!!!!!!! In more than one panel!

Tomorrow we're going out to cut down a Christmas tree! And then hopefully I'll be able to finish one or more challenge drawings. I feel a bit bad that I am drawing these before working on present drawings, but... I also feel like it is my duty to pump out all 12 KakaYama drawings for this thing and make them as nice quality as possible. If I am going to get shit for being well known for this pairing then I am also going to try my goddamned hardest to make it worthwhile, haha.


Dec. 15th, 2010 01:26 am
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I've been doing KakaYama art for the 12 days of Christmas challenge over at y!gallery, but forgot to post yesterday's drawing. I kind of like posting them in batches more, anyway... so here's day one and two!

NWS, here is your warning for naked dudes. (No details though)

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I've been forgetting to post these (well, okay, not actually forgetting... I'm just lazy), but since I don't have any other drawings to post, I guess it's a good time to dump some iscribble doodles!

All KakaYama (what a surprise, right?)

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Kit is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!! and bought me a TenKaka anthology for Christmas. It got here a few days ago and since I had nothing better to do tonight I took some crappy photos from it (because I am too attached to these books to actually scan them).

Nothing bad shown because I didn't take any pics of R18 parts... there is some kissing, though? (But I think if you have me friended you are pretty used to dudes kissing by now)

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Dec. 5th, 2010 03:54 am
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I am just going to listen to this song FIVE MILLION TIMES until Christmas.

And as a bonus here is KakaYama kiss#3/25
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OH also, I saw Tangled tonight and absolutely loved it.
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Already posted them on DA. I am soooo inactive on LJ lately, sorry guys. :( I guess it's because most of my drawings have been finished enough to go on DA or y!gallery, so I don't really have enough material for sketchdumps... and I haven't been managing to doodle every day.

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+ a short and pointless (but fluffy) comic

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I am drawing 25 kisses for 25 body parts! (Idea taken from JP tegaki but tweaked so I can use them as prompts and not draw them all in comments.)


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Nov. 19th, 2010 04:20 am
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I made a dirty Kakashi (sort of KakaYama) drawing. DEFINITELY NOT WORKSAFE (or having-other-people-around-safe) although no details are shown (I chickened out).

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Best set of DA icons ever


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