and a rough sketch for one of my 100_themes prompts, but I'm not sure when that'll get finished. I still have to work on my sketchbook and final drawing for figure drawing but all I want to do is draw fanart and finally decide on an original character that I can draw for 30 days without getting sick of them (maybe Obi?)... this sucks.

Yesterday Lemon and I watched Zombieland (hilarious), the first Naruto movie (K-Kakashi with a scarf! MY SCARF MOE, LET ME SHOW YOU IT), and the first two episodes of Supernatural. Now that I've started watching that last one I feel like a ~real livejournal user~. Normally a series like this would terrify me because, well, I can't handle 95% of shows/movies with ghosts but there are cute boys so I will persevere.
lol at Finn being in the second episode and getting eaten.

Daria DVDs are out soon! I am trying to decide between buying those, a bigger PSP memory card + PSN games that I may or may not play, or more doujinshi (Th-the newest TenKaka book by endroll is on ebay!) and... failing horribly. I HATE HAVING CHOICES somebody make a decision for me.

Edit to add:
Less than a week between subbed Oofuri episodes? Guys, I think the world might be ending.
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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Also, today I got cool stuff!

My... very first doujin purchase ever. Exciting! I had to go all the way to the post office across town to pick it up because the mailman is a jerk.

And shoes )
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...and loved it! Wonderful, wonderful movie. Watching Toothless was like watching Rascal with wings. :>

Now I need a nap so I can stay up all night on iScribble.
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Hello friending meme folks! Welcome to my boring journal. :D I'm in one of my Hetalia moods lately so, uh, I hope you don't mind that. (I also hope you don't mind the fact that I'm shy and it takes a little while to get my nerves up enough to comment on other people's journals.)

Day 02 -- Your favorite movie
The Little Mermaid is my favorite movie of all time, but there are also special places in my heart for Little Shop of Horrors and Shaun of the Dead.

...and I just realized that to do my design homework I have to print out a picture that my printer does not have enough ink for, crap.
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It was pretty much an hour and a half of IchiRuki goodness (with bonus Hanatarou! Ahhh Hana I was so happy to see you!) and I loved every minute of it. I... don't really trust myself to post about it without anything I write turning into fangirling and 'ajsghasgkag'ing but it was everything I love about the ship and I am so ready to dive headfirst into the fandom for it once again.

Shipping stuff aside, though, I'd have to say my favorite part is when Kenpachi and Yachiru are fighting and laughing their heads off. So, so amusing.

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