May. 23rd, 2010 11:50 am
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I don't think this has been posted yet but my memory is pretty horrible lately so I could be wrong?

Was gonna make a "HOLY CRAP IT ISN'T NARUTO FANART" comment but then I realized that it... doesn't really count when the sketch is over a month old.

Today's to-do list:
  • Clean up
  • Finish Spain and Belgium shirts
  • Plant new rose in pot
  • Commission sketches
  • I didn't know I could make bulleted lists in LJ, this is awesome

I don't want to make a new entry for this but (5000 years later) I finally got the Naruto section of S9 up and running. It's a few weeks behind when it comes to drawings but at least it is somewhere other than my harddrive now.

I-it still needs a name, though. And a finished links section. orz I am giving this thing more attention than I give my main art site.
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Alternate subject: My to-draw list for this weekend/week

Commission #1 (OCs)
- Paid, inking final version. Will start coloring tonight.

Commission #2 (OCs)
- Preliminary sketch tonight, start inking tomorrow if okay is given

Commission #3 (KakaSaku)
- Waiting for more details.

Art trade with thatreevesgirl (NaruGaara)
- Basic idea/rough sketch done... and getting out of control. Will probably end up being a polished drawing after all and take too long to finish. orz

Commission # ~special Lulu slot~
- Will do sketches after the other commissions are closer to being finished.

Bonus things (KEEP DRAWING, ME)
- NaruSaku idea for Kit that has been floating around my head for ages
- Hokageplay (maybe comic). KakaYama smut is like dessert, I am only allowed to draw it after all the other work is finished.
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This is mostly for my own reference in case I lose the sketchbook they're written in. S-sorry for spam, haha.

Obi: February 23 (Pisces)
Shiro: May 3 (Taurus)
Suzume: December 20 (Sagittarius)
Toyo: April 6 (Aries)
Kazuo: October 21 (Libra)
Yui: March 13 (Pisces)
Akemi: June 12 (Gemini)
Nara: July 10 (Cancer) *does not apply to ATLA version
Cinder: August 3 (Leo)
Edward & Theodore: December 9 (Sagittarius)
Mischa: January 16 (Capricorn)
Angelica: November 11 (Scorpio)
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Note to self, ignore this, etc. Just need a post to keep track of costume stuff for the upcoming months.

Day 1
Yukiko (me)
- Have: tights, glasses, skirt pattern (maybe, need to double check), shoes (maybe)
Naoto (Lemon)
- Have: hat

Day 2
Romano (me)
- Have: not sure until we decide on outfits
Spain (Lemon)
- Have: not sure until we decide on outfits

If Lemon's friend comes we might change Spain and Romano plans to Bad friends trio, which means either France or Prussia for me. (Which means I will actually have a reason to make a Gilbird hairclip, yessssss.)
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Stuff to draw:
• Finish those two requests over at DA and the last few cards (Since they're so late you guys are getting super nice quality art because I feel like an asshole for taking so long... BUT IT'S THE PSP'S FAULT, REALLY.)
• Alistair for Kit
• Finish up Spain&Romano pirates, FF meme
• Brainstorm for stupid comic (Spain/Romano won the poll but I actually have ideas for Daisuke/Kou hmmm this is a dilemma)
• Lunar: Silver Star Harmony countdown art

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