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Things from LS earlier. No new element drawing today because I had to end early. :( Maybe tomorrow!

Only two of these drawings are Naruto-related, amazingly enough!

Naruto, Oofuri, original and Vocaloid ) if you'll excuse me, I have to make up for today's lack of gay ninja art.
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akfjhdjgfdiusfsjkdfbdkj does anybody have the latest raw chapter of Oofuri yet?

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New top image for S9, whenever I get around to redoing the layout. (I think it's gonna get a complete revamp and be Naruto/Megaten/Oofuri only... maybe Hetalia too. I want to try to keep my originals and fanstuff separate.)

I have so many doodles of these guys that are inspired by the things Yue does to Baxter. Kakashi sitting on Yamato, Kakashi squishing Yamato, Kakashi eating Yamato's food...


(Inside that present is a tiny note that says "LOL -Tajima")
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Not that there is much to post about...

Bleach 401:

Naruto 492:
Hahaha it just keeps getting better and better. ~BROFISTING~.

Kekkaishi 302:
"He's leading around two girls who don't belong in this genre!?" Oh, Sen. You always crack me up. Aside from him it was a pretty boring chapter, though. :(

Aaaaand I am kind of ashamed of myself for not making any Oofuri S2-related posts! But there's not that much to say since everybody's read the comic...
Everything is funnier in the anime though, I love it. Abe's evil face in the most recent episode almost had me in tears. AND THE SQUINTING PART lol
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I am so excited

you guys


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And by game I mean... not actually a game at all.

Give me outfit ideas! Uniforms, costumes, period clothing, whatever. (Ex. Lemon said 'baseball', so now there is maybe possibly a Konoha baseball team drawing in the works.)
Stupid/silly ones are fine too but might not be used until one of those days where insomnia shows up at 3AM and I am incapable of drawing anything that isn't silly.

I had to go to the dentist on the first day of my spring break and was reminded that I need a filling. Joy.

ALSO HEY, Oofuri season two starts in a few days! I didn't get my countdown drawings done but will try to draw something tonight or tomorrow.
And Hetalia S3 shows promise if only because Romano (in his pink shirt, again) was in the first episode.
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- Naruto
Still hate Sasuke. Still annoyed at Sakura's uselessness. Um.
Like I told Kit in IM, I want a scene with Yamato realizing Naruto snuck away a while back, haha.
Glad to see Sharky. :D
Also glad that a ton of stuff is getting ready to happen. I was worried that I'd finally be back in the fandom only to have the comic start to wrap up. (Not that it makes any difference when my favorite Naruto thing is KakaYama... orz)

- Oofuri
I hate knowing the outcome of this game because it makes each chapter a little more painful to read. :( And ahhh, Kazuki, you are breaking my heart.
BUT ON THE SUBJECT OF HAPPY THINGS I am finding myself liking Hanai/Mihashi more and more? It'll never beat Abe/Mihashi or Tajima/Hanai, but still. It's cute!

- Bleach
I... actually haven't read this week's chapter or the spoilers yet, oops. I'm gonna assume it is just more of Aizen's usual "Yeah? Well, I knew you were going to do ______ so I did ______ in advance to prepare! /end chapter"

Still watching Gintama and enjoying it SO GODDAMN MUCH (up to episode... 50? 51? Somewhere around there), and Lemon and I started watching One Piece again from the beginning, finally. Other than that all I have been doing is doodling stuff that isn't worth posting, working on requests, and breeding 9384987346368 Pokemon. And cleaning the house. My life, it is so exciting!

Art post

Feb. 21st, 2010 11:20 pm
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One finished drawing and some sketches.

FFX, Naruto, and Oofuri )
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So today I confirmed that my computer starts throwing temper tantrums after about an hour watching a livestream. :( (Sorry Shun, maybe someday it'll let me watch the whole time!)

Anyway, Novel Koushien stuff was posted on the community so I guess I'll post mine over here, too!

Plus a few tegaki comments )

In other news: I've been trying to play some more WA:XF since my classes have been almost homework free lately. I made it past missions 1-6 and 1-7! Only to get stuck on the next one. Levin is so close, too. Give me my Dean#2 already, dammit. :(
(I've also been playing WA5 despite having so many newer games to finish and man, my urge to RP Dean is back and worse than ever. Am also feeling the Fereydoon/Lucille love once again, maybe I need to try to draw some uh, not gay stuff while I'm in this WA mood.)
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This is what I do when I miss class:

My cats!

Pumpkin, Rascal, Nano, Clint
They are... amazingly close to the real thing.

Naruto cats, Oofuri cats, Persona cats- Somebody please take this cat generator away from me. )
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I should be asleep (waking up around 8), but the world desperately needed another meoto fanart. Or something. I forgot how to draw hands again!

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OOFURI SEASON TWO GET AHHHHH I am too excited to even bother with sparkly text oh my god oh my gohhdiusghdj

Junk post

Nov. 28th, 2009 09:28 pm
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There is nothing of quality in this entry orz

Team Avatar from memory (with help from little sister the Avatard)
Read more... )
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Yeah, yeah, I already did a Halloween drawing... but this happened during tonight's SAI doodling and I don't want it to go to waste!
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and one Tajima that has been posted everywhere but here (because I forgot).
FF:Revenant Wings spoilers

I need to re-upload some FF icons )

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