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Actually you are probably all sick of them by now, but hey! Have some more anyway.

One porny drawing in here, but it's a link.

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Back to school on Monday! Maybe I can pick up a new sketchbook to make sure to keep up with my daily KakaYama fix... I'm only in two classes, but still have to be at school Monday through Thursday.


Apr. 23rd, 2010 02:37 am
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So! How 'bout that third Shippuden movie? I really liked it! Aside from the whole, you know, no Yamato appearances at all. :(

Lemon and I gained about a million weaboo points today by getting these:

But they're so cute! The one with flowers is mine and makes me think of spring and I love it.

I'm working on my last commission of this batch and should be finished in the next day or two! So that brings me to... almost half of what I need to get some Endroll TenKaka doujins. :> (Even though it should be saved for Fanime...)
The finished ones are this and this. That second one... well, let's just say I'm not really a KakaSaku fan, haha. So it frustrates me that I really like how the drawing turned out but it isn't something I can enjoy myself. Guess that's just the way commissions go, though!

Anyway, here's some (bad photos of) drawings from class:

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Here are some drawings from class! And some iScribble doodles.

Warning for naked old people (in the classwork, not the doodles)


Japan is still my favorite genderbent APH character.
...oops, her doujin is backwards.

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And then I spent about an hour trying to distract myself by drawing Kakashi/Yamato smut but lol, Yamato's face makes it impossible to do without cracking up.

I might not be able to scan anything for a while, so i guess there will just be more SAI doodles in the future. For now... it's class time! Which I wish I could be excited about because I love figure drawing but we keep getting lecture days with only about an hour of actual drawing.

Edit: FUCK, speaking of class I forgot my mom had a doctor's appointment this morning and now it's too late to take the bus to school.
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If I disappear after today it is quite possibly because the wind blew me away on the way to school.

Also! The power went out for about 15 minutes and I was freaking out because I thought I'd have to go to my first day of these classes with crazy frizzy hair haha. :( Luckily it came back in time for me to wrestle said hair into submission as usual.
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On man vs. food there was a sandwich called The Fat Romano. Teehee. Lemon and I laughed for a while and my brother probably thought we had both gone crazy. Too bad there weren't any tomatoes on it.

ALSO (unrelated). My art history final is going to be multiple choice, I am so happy. This means maybe an hour of studying, tops. (Which is good since I have to do a series of six paintings this weekend for color theory... orz) Sadly it also means I don't get to write a comparison/contrast of any sort, which I actually find fun... but oh well. :(

OH, also (again), did I ever post about reading The Dresden Files? I've been addicted to these books for the past month or two (Bob is my favorite character). Now I'm down to one and a half books until I'm caught up and it is making me really sad. Can anybody recommend other good* contemporary fantasy books? Maybe ones with werewolves?

*by good I mean entertainingly trashy
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I have all of the information needed to write it, but just can't organize it all.

/headdesks forever

Okay folks

Nov. 19th, 2009 01:44 am
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I have a paper to write this weekend and a million squares to paint, so even though my hiatuses almost never work out I will probably be scarce for a little bit! Sorry if it takes me a million years to reply to memes/comments/whatever else.

In TV news:
­· Gleeeee I love you more each week! Dammit I don't want to ship something that will never happen but ahhhhh how cute is Kurt/Finn, I CAN'T HELP MYSELF.
· I am sad about who won ANTM. :( Or maybe it would be more accurate to say I am sad about who didn't win ANTM.
· Project Runway finale tomorrow! Irina will probably win and I will be pissed off but it won't really be a surprise after how bad this season has been. Also: What the hell is with her stealing designs for her t-shirts in the last episode? Supposedly her backup design with the 'reasons to love New York' was just copied from a magazine.
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• I wish Y!gallery had sub-filters, or at least branched the 'disturbing content' filter out a bit. Just because I am okay with seeing guro does not mean I am okay with seeing pregnant Vegeta fanart. :(

• Played around with my DA page to get my dekstop screencap widget (what is a widget DA you are so weird) back and my featured deviation one went away, nooooo! I want Souji & bros to be on the top of my page, not my most recently uploaded junk /sob.

• Went home sick and ended up missing my teacher's office hour, so I have to find another time to talk about that paper. Anime club was canceled today, though, so at least I'm not missing that. (Yes, I am most likely joining my college's anime club. Until they realize that 90% of the anime/manga I follow is BL and they kick me out ohoho.)

• You guys are all awesome for the sparkly birthday wishes! My family is going to get a cake for the D20 game on Friday so it's been a pretty chill day so far. (Does this mean I can just pretend to still be 22? Maybe I will start going backwards every year!) I think I will celebrate by finally cleaning the bathroom and later drawing some more stupid Kou/Daisuke stuff, it will be very exciting.
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Suddenly I am more interested in this filler arc than ever.

And thanks for your comments on my last entry , guys! I'm still annoyed about it but I know I didn't do anything wrong and will talk to my teacher this afternoon. For now I have some final reviewing to do for my midterm at 10:30, though (I say at 2:45 in the morning, aha... good thing renaissance art history is cake.)!

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