ishi: (KakaYama · That book again.) have a meme!

Reply with a fandom and I'll tell you the following:
› favorite character
› least favorite character
› prettiest character
› character I wanna marry
› favorite pairing
› favorite episode/moment
› unpopular opinion

And have some KakaYama & animated Kaito from DA
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Jul. 14th, 2010 10:08 am
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Tegaki and livestream stuff. I doodled a lot yesterday, so I probably forgot to upload some things... but they're all on DA too.

I can't believe there is no KakaYama in this dump... guess I'd better LS again today. )
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Things from LS earlier. No new element drawing today because I had to end early. :( Maybe tomorrow!

Only two of these drawings are Naruto-related, amazingly enough!

Naruto, Oofuri, original and Vocaloid ) if you'll excuse me, I have to make up for today's lack of gay ninja art.
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Go to bed soon and get enough sleep before class for once, or watch some more Gintama episodes? Hmm. I'm on 37 now, and 40 would be a good number to stop at...

I forgot to post yesterday, but hello to all you new folks from the Persona 4 friending meme! I hope my doodle posts and fangirling don't scare you away too soon.

Unfortunately(?), today's drawings are Vocaloid and not P4. :( )
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I can't afford to spend 25 bucks on a stuffed toy but this little guy is SO CUTE and comes with an ingame version, bawww.

[ profile] lolishipper gave me Vocaloid, Digimon and Avatar so here's that three fandoms character meme again:

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Feb. 6th, 2010 10:46 pm
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Is there a way to rip MP3s from Youtube videos? I want to be able to listen to Kaito singing Just be friends without having firefox open. D:
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This meoto drawing is driving me crazy because for once Kazuki is looking okay but Junta just won't come out right arrgh

Have two completely unrelated drawings:

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NSFW (nudity, but nothing dirty)

Two original and one Hetalia )

And I think I will start that 30 days meme even though this weekend's schedule is full of homework and finals are next week.

• Day 01 -- Your favorite song
I have so many. Right now this one wins, though:
KAITO & Hatsune Miku - Saihate
(If there was a ballad version of KAITO's solo saihate that would be even higher on my favorites list.)
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Hiyama Kiyoteru sounds just like KAITO. I am torn between my love for KAITO and a new Teacherloid with moe glasses. N-not sure if want?

Maybe I will just draw some teacher!KAITO (I'm sure Pixiv has already started).


Nov. 4th, 2009 10:34 pm
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This video was just plugged on the singing robots community but I love it so much that I need to double post and share it with you guys!

New favorite Vocaloid song?!, saihate is still the best.


Nov. 4th, 2009 08:50 pm
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toyo&yui, tarou, kaito )

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Mostly unfinished stuff.

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But here's a WIP I managed to upload:

Pointless fluffy Yui and Toyo blah blah blah. I wanted to draw something that looks like a cliche BL comic cover orz
Their faces look pretty horrible so I'll work on that some more tomorrow

Also here is KAITO with a nosebleed. I like the idea of Vocaloids having blood/guts that are glowy and color-coordinated.

Here's a (mostly) worksafe version of that KAITO drawing.

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Let's start this post with Vocaloid!

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Ughhh guess I'd better get to work on my color theory homework soon. (But I want to draw more! I'm in a drawing mood! /sob)

Who the hell thought up Takoluka, anyway? Oh right, Japan...

and I finished Mashiro and Kensei! )

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