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I can't afford to spend 25 bucks on a stuffed toy but this little guy is SO CUTE and comes with an ingame version, bawww.

[ profile] lolishipper gave me Vocaloid, Digimon and Avatar so here's that three fandoms character meme again:

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Cut to be safe )

Well, I thought about catching up with the last few chapters when this week's comes out but I don't know if it'll be worth it once next week rolls around and everybody finds out it was just the usual trolling again.

(At least Kekkaishi has been interesting/good lately! Baaawwww Yoshimori and Tokine, why are you guys so cute?)

IN OTHER NEWS I got my new warlock to level 22 in WoW in a day and a half, ahaha... The exp bonus from heirloom shoulders+chest is pretty sweet.
Then I did the quest to get my succubus and her name is Bronriana. All I can see is Bro. My transvestite succubus. .-.

Uh oh

Jan. 31st, 2010 03:55 pm
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What are you doing on my desktop, Mr. Install WoW icon? Reinstalling the addiction that I've managed to avoid for a good few months now? B-but--

...well, maybe a few months won't hurt.

WoW post

Sep. 30th, 2009 01:31 pm
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Okay dudes, I am now Avior (Horde side) on Moon Guard! The character transfer took all of five minutes.

Kit, are you going to be on WoW at all this week or next weekend?
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Bleach 376 spoilers:
Mashiro and Kensei! And maybe some Kensei/Mashiro hints ohoho I forgive you for last week already, Kubo.

WoW stuff:
Since my brother's playing Aion now I will probably get custody of his 80 paladin! I'll have to do some more server investigations to figure out where I want to transfer him when I change accounts. Not sure yet if I want to pay for re-customization so I can have a female character.

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