Feb. 6th, 2011

ishi: (Basara · 前田夫婦)
Mostly because I have nothing worth posting about and no art to fall back on... So here is a general update.
- Games: Got Basara3 last week and have been doing nothing but play it with my sister. We've mostly been alternating between story routes with some co-op here and there, so it's been a lot of fun. When playing co-op it changes into some kind of lame competition to see who can open boxes first. SENGOKU BOXARA.
- I think this is going to be another series where Uee and I get so used to referring to characters as our stupid nicknames for them that someday we will let the wrong names slip around other people and cause a lot of confusion. (Ieyasu was Shorty in the anime but has been renamed to Schoolbus for the purpose of abusing the "Bitch... I'm a bus." meme while playing. ...DOES THIS MEAN ANIMEYASU IS SHORTBUS, UEE? Oh, and Kojuro is Okaasan because of his nagging lol (I'm sorry, Kojuro).)
- OH, I have also been playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth by sleep at a snail's pace. (Got it for Christmas and played Ven's story really fast, and have only played a little bit of Terra's story since... oops)

- Art: Has not been happening aside from doodles. :( I did draw a Cloud and Aeris lineart for [livejournal.com profile] catatouille to color for Kit's birthday, though.
- Uee is already out-fanarting me with Basara and Gintama stuff and this is unacceptable, time to force myself to up productivity.

- School: Has been pretty boring so far. I'm in all GE stuff this semester (geography, anthropology and history) and even though the last two are subjects that I'm interested in, me and lectures will just never get along. Also: I have to start writing stuff for history soon and I am terrified.

Um... I'm not really watching any anime this season so there is nothing to say on that topic. I'm already behind on KimiTodo episodes because I don't want to deal with shoujo frustration, and I gave up on watching the recent Shippuden filler...
Have been slowly reading Gintama but all it does is make me want to watch the anime instead since I find it more entertaining, haha.

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